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including title opinions and curative.

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RLMarsh Law Firm, PC, was formed with the mission to provide the oil and gas community with superior services, delivered with an objective, common sense approach. While the firm serves all aspects of the domestic and international oil and gas industry, our focus is on rendering title opinions and providing related services for domestic upstream oil and gas concerns. We are proud of our legacy of being one of the pioneers of modern oil and gas title practice.

Reasonable Requirements - We recognize that a Title Opinion may have many uses, but underlying all of them is the fundamental importance of third party validation of the land position, as well as risk assessment and mitigation. Requirements needing actions that are not possible or not practical are not reasonable. Reasonable Requirements report only those risks relevant to your business, and suggest only practical remedies and alternatives. We report the relevant risks, the most practical solutions, and leave the judgment of whether to cure or accept the risk to you, the client.

Rational Pricing - RLMarsh Law Firm, PC is proud to offer Rational Pricing. As alternatives to hourly billing we offer up- front turn-key quotes, or Per Item Billing. This ends billing surprises with price predictability and up-front determination of Opinion cost, and greater control of your legal spend.

Reliable Service - At RLMarsh Law Firm, PC, we have the depth of resources and industry colleagues to staff any assignment, yet are small enough to treat each client's matter with the singular dedication that it deserves. We take pride in the long term client relationships that we have developed, and are accepting limited additional clients at this time. If you are seeking a firm to help you reliably and cost effectively stay ahead of the drilling schedule, and eliminate title surprises . . . we've got your back.

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